WakeWell is here.  After being known as Wakeboard Church for almost 8 years, we have decided to rename and rebrand our ministry.  Honestly, we loved the name Wakeboard Church!  It was catchy.  People knew it and loved it.  So why change something that people like?

We feel that our old name didn’t fully communicate who we are and what we’re about.  We aren’t a church and we don’t want to be a church.  We are a ministry and we want to build a bridge that connects the people of the wake culture to the God who loves them.  And we do this through partnering with local churches.  So to call ourselves a “Church” just didn’t make sense anymore.

So why WakeWell?  When thinking about our new name, we wanted something that sounded cool and attractive to both Christians and non-Christians.  We wanted a name that had meaning and significance, but we didn’t want to over spiritualize it.  And through much prayer, God seemed to continue to draw us to the fourth chapter of the book of John…specifically the story of the Woman at the Well.

In this story, Jesus does three things that are completely awesome: He shows up, He builds trust, and He shares the gospel.  And this is exactly what WakeWell leaders desire to do within their wake communities.  We desire to go to the wakeboarders, wakeskaters, and wakesurfers…meeting them where they are (both physically and spiritually).  We desire to build relationships based on trust, respect, and genuine friendships.  And through these relationships we desire to earn the right to be heard when we share the good news about Jesus’ love.  It is our hope to share “living water” with the wake culture, offering them eternal life through the cross of Christ.  Our motto hasn’t changed from the first day of Wakeboard Church…Love God, Love Others, Love Wake.  WakeWell is simply the next chapter in reaching the wake culture, one rider at a time.

We hope you enjoy our new name, our new site, and our new structure.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns we would love to hear them!  Give us a shout and shoot us an email telling us what you think.  Contact Mark@WakeWell.org

God Bless.