Getting up.

One of the greatest feelings in wake sports is getting up out of the water. Getting pulled up slowly out of the water around you and eventually standing on top of it is pretty awesome. The only feeling that might be better is getting up into the air…once again, leaving the water that you were standing on and escaping into the air for a brief moment.
Getting up and escaping the water feels awesome…but what if you could escape more than that? What if you could escape the world around you…all the brokenness and pain and heartache. Or even more than that, what if you could escape death? The bible tells us that not only did Jesus escape death and rise from the grave, but that he also rose several other people from the dead. In Mark 5:35-43 Jesus raises a little girl from the dead, and in John 14 Jesus promises that those who believe in Him will also rise from the dead to live with Him in heaven for eternity. Jesus is our escape rope from death to life, but before He can pull us out of the dark waters we must trust Him and believe.