One of the classic “dad jokes” in all towed watersports happens when the rider asks the driver, “Which way are we going?” and the driver sarcastically responds, “Just follow me”, as if there was any other choice.

In wake sports we have to follow the direction of our driver and we have to trust that they will lead us safely and smoothly through the water. We have no choice but to follow.

But in our faith (and life in general) we have tons of choices. We have the freedom to choose whatever path we want want, no matter how destructive or harmful it might be. But there is a driver who is inviting us to follow Him through life. He wants to help us navigate the difficult waters of life and reveal our true purpose. But first we have to choose to follow Him.
Read Mark 1:14-20 and see what happened when Jesus told some fishermen, “Come and follow Me.”