Wake Well is:

What is WakeWell? from WakeWell on Vimeo.

WakeWell is a nonprofit ministry that exists to bridge the wake culture to Jesus, partnering with the local Church. WakeWell’s vision is to bring the living water of Jesus to a thirsty wake culture.

WakeWell leaders believe God’s Word calls them to find their identity in Jesus, to engage those within their culture through genuine, loving relationships, to do selfless acts for others as they share the Gospel message, and to make disciples as they follow Jesus.

We dream of:

  • A wakeboard, wakeskate, and wakesurf culture that wholeheartedly loves Jesus Christ.
  • When riders from around the world, regardless of culture, race, gender, economic status, or physical distance will be part of the family of God, helping, loving, and serving each other.
  • A wake culture that is free from addictions, allowing riders to live and walk in complete and unhindered hope and freedom.
  • A culture that is passionate about helping those in need, both inside and outside of the wake culture.
  • River, lake, and cable park communities that have been transformed by Jesus Christ, that people from all over the world would be drawn to them and subsequently experience Jesus.